Project Talon

Created: Sunday, 03 May 2015

After EDF had failed i really still wanted to be apart of creating a turn based tactical game, luckily i had stumbled across some like minded people and we started yet another project, this time called Project Talon. Only this time we were aiming much higher, we were hoping to create and turn base tactical game based on the X-Com franchise, except we would be doing it in 3D! Please note that this was before the modernization of the X-Com franchise.

We actually managed to get some proof of concept programs running and a number of demo 3d buildings were added, but i think in the end, althought we had had several successful steps we had ultimatly bitten off more then we could chew. There was no loss during this journey though, i made some great friends and learnt some valuable insights in the game development industry.







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