Moonbase Inc

Created: Sunday, 03 May 2015

Moonbase Inc is a City builder game set on the moon (and beyond.)

Develop your landing site into an elaborate lunar base. Balance the exploitation of lunar resources with interplanetary trade and tourism to survive and become a self sustaining colony - Maybe even an independent nation.

The goal is to make as much money as possible. There are multiple ways to do so: mining, trading, tourism, space exploration. Research and build buildings, spaceships, vehicles. Visit other player bases, earn rewards.

I stumbled upon Moonbase inc purely by chance, i wasnt specificly looking to start on a new project however after finding this on the google play store i quickly feel in love with the feeling of nostalgia, it had all of the feeling of a classic game yet with out the crappy graphics of pre Y2K games. I noticed thought while playing that there seemed to be a rift in the actual game graphics, so i put up my hand and offered my services. Since then i have worked with yet another sole developer Marc Moonbase to bring the world of Moonbase Inc to life, with more content. expanded game play and reworked classic buildings. As we are working to bring you new content all the time this is the game to watch.

This is a unique game in the fact that the story line is evolving as you play. Althought you start out with a simple moonbase, it will not belong before you become a solar super power extending your hand to the far reaches of the solar system and beyond.

If you havent played it, now is the time and if you have...well.... hold onto your seats as moonbase inc is about to hit the turbo button ;)

Available only on Google Play Store*:

*It is possible to play this game on PC by using the "BlueStacks" emulator.




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